1. Başlık

Thank you very much for the basic and advanced sessions.  Eventhough towards the end, the epidemic has changed all our plans including cancellation of games, etc., I too couldn’t plan myself for the last session properly.  However I must confess that it is indeed a great learning for me.  I appreciate all your efforts to conduct this training in a very structured way.  Your experience has enlightened us in many ways and has opened up the third dimension in the way we view the sports betting industry.  We will work further and train our models with the scalping strategies.

S. Kishan, Dr - Apr 2020

I attended the basic course which lasted 5 days and I have nothing but praise for Ersen. The course was well organised and presented covering the basics of trading which also included some great advice from an experienced trader. Watching Ersen trade live and being able to ask questions was invaluable and that in itself makes the course worthwhile. Since completing the course I have already applied the discipline and strategies learned from Ersen and I've seen an instant improvement in my results when trading live. A small price to pay for invaluable knowledge from an experienced trader

S.H. - Mar 2020

Thank you very much for a great course last week, I learned so much and you’re an excellent teacher. 


A brilliant course. Ersen’s information and descriptions gave me a much better knowledge of trading. Some will say the courses are expensive but watching his screen and hearing his thoughts during live trading offers such value. 

Blair Shearer - Mar 2020

I really enjoyed the Basic Course. Despite having experience of using the betfair exchange before I learnt many valuable aspects about trading during the basic course, most of which I’ve already been able to put into practise. This has inspired me to approach the market from a different perspective. Thank you for giving us this insight into your trading style.

Matthew C. - Mar 2020

Thanks so much for allowing me on the course once again. As said before I feel it was very personal, informative and has given me a real chance at making good money doing this. I thought you were great as a teacher and your personality is a big bonus, because you obviously care and want to help people and make sure they understand everything. 

I would honestly do the advanced again and would recommend the course to anyone who wants to be a profitable football trader

Matthew Tully - Apr 2020

Was really special for me to attend Psychoff s 1st basic and advanced  trading course, i have been following his work for years on twitter and most recently telegram, its mostly known to all of us he is one of a kind to operate in the market, but seeing with our own eyes its totally diferent, it was very easy to absorve all the information that was thought to us by Psychoff ( probably due to background of psychiatry) I totally reccomend these courses. Even with the actual state (pandemic covid19) He was always presente gave us full support and recalled many good opportunitues to trade on. I now feel more confident than ever to operate in the market with a new and fresh mindset!


Michael Delgadinho - Apr 2020

Many thanks for the course  - I thoroughly enjoyed the course and watching the games and seeing how other people assess what they are watching.  I have had previous experience with scalping with the Horse Racing from watching Caan Berry’s videos, and like you, find the pre match race market too volatile for my liking.  With your information from the course, I was about to refine my tools to be more profitable with scalping the football markets.  Since the course began, I used £100 to £200 stakes and would say that per game I would make around £30 - £40 per match was is excellent.  Watching my bank balance rise was a pleasing feeling. You have also shown me when  it is the best time to be in the market and when you could expect maybe a goal. Unfortunately the dire skills of Belarusian football meant opportunities were limited, however, your FK1 scenarios provided me with 2 goals that returned me a lot more money. 

Overall, a valuable course that I am glad I was a part of.

Matt Lines - Apr 2020

Having nervously booked Pyschoff's basic and advanced courses I can safely say it's the best decision I have made for my football trading so far.

To see live trading explained and have every question answered by someone who genuinely cares and wants you to succeed is more than I expected.

I fully recommend the course to anyone who is serious about inplay football trading.

Thanks to Ersen and everyone else on the course who made it a fantastic experience.

               Chris - Aug 2020

I highly recommend combining Psychoff’s basic and advanced courses. Undertaking the basic course allowed me to be in the best position to fully understand the execution of the strategies seen in the advanced course which I’ve recently completed and really enjoyed every minute in doing so. His level of knowledge is inspiring and what’s more his ability to clearly impart this whilst trading is highly impressive. Ersen goes above and beyond to help the group understand the finer details of in play trading. I would particularly like to thank him for his accessibility and the invaluable information that he has taught me.


Matthew C. - Jul 2020

I wanna thank you for basic course ! For me was a unique and wonderfull experience to have you as teacher for my first hours in trading ! Cant wait to join you on the advance course ! 


Best regards from Romania :)

C.M. - Mar 2020

The advanced course was an eye opening opportunity to see behind the scenes of one of the webs most famous (and successful) Betfair traders. Ersen was open and honest about his previous trades and showed his results, was friendly and engaging throughout the sessions and answered all the questions that were asked by the group. The tips alongside the live trading sessions were extremely valuable along with live telegram and email chat and support. I found the whole course inspirational and would highly recommend it to any serious aspiring traders. 

G. - Apr 2020

I'd like to thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to do the course.I feel the course was full of valuable content and watching the live trading sessions was a very insightful way to learn.

The phrase that comes to mind when reviewing the course is substance over style.By attending the course I could see how I could trade with an edge and become a profitable long term trader by using skillful strategies at the right times. I now believe, that with the right discipline i can become a profitable trader.This was something i didn't think possible after purchasing other trading/betting advisory products.


B. Roe - Apr 2020

Thank you for letting me attend the course.

I did get alot out of the course. Learnt new techniques and that i need the right set up.

You came across really well and the explainations was good.

I would certainly recommend the course to others and i will be attending the advance course when the new season kicks off.

Sean Burton - Jul 2020

The content and your explanation has provided me with some clear strategies to put into practice.

It was very enjoyable and informative to watch you trade live, and to accept that a loss does not necessarily mean a bad trade and conversely a profit can not always be considered a good trade.

Thank you for being understanding to all questions asked by the attendees and for responding clearly,and checking we all understood your answer before moving on.

I would recommend your courses to anybody with an interest in football trading. However, we don’t want too many courses otherwise our edge and knowledge gained will be diluted.

I guess the questions to ask before signing up is will I learn anything new and will I enjoy the course, I have answered yes to both questions.

To finish I must thank you for your kind offer of being available if we need to get in touch with any questions or help in the future.

Look forward to staying in touch.

D.P. - Jul 2020

I was part of Ersen´s basic and advanced course in July 2020. And what should I say this training course exceeded my expectations. Ersen is one of the most genius and humble guys I had ever experienced as a trainer and teacher. He showed us exactly how he trades by risking his own money and using his usual strategies. Furthermore the course is advertised as one or two hour sessions however most of the training sessions we did went three hours or even longer. Ersen is also available via Telegram and answers all questions and helps with all kind of issues which might come up. Thanks again Ersen for a great experience and now it is on me to use your course material for my own trading. I will report back in a few months with hopefully a lot of green P/L statements.

Jacob S. - Jul 2020

I really enjoyed both the basic and advanced courses, and in particular the quality time taken to ensure we come away really understanding what has been taught.  All other courses I've done are via ebook or recorded video, but you got the mix of theory via slides and then practical demonstration just right to ensure many scenarios presented themselves that we could be faced with when trading ourselves.  I really appreciate that trading live is not easy, so to do that, make money, and teach us at the same time was something great to witness.

Above all else, what really touched me was the care you showed when going through the psychology section, and the offer to be at the end of telegram/email if we find ourselves in trouble, and/or just want a chat to try and improve out trading - that for me was way above my expectation coming into the course.

Stewe W - Jul 2020

"For anyone interested in sports trading and learning the basic strategies, I would 100% recommend this course. The course provides you with basic strategies. Ersen provides a great insight into what it takes to start sports trading and has continued to support us after the course. The whole group were great and helped each other. I have decided I will be taking the advanced course following this training.

B.G. - Jul 2020

Being a full time trader for the last couple of years this course was a wake up call in some aspects we lose during the time but for those starting out in the world of sports trading, taking this basic course is the same as placing the destination on a GPS, we know the right way, it depends on us wanting to walk correctly.
All the information is incredibly useful and is passed on very clearly.
The course time was much longer than the scheduled hours, and the more doubts the students had, the longer the course would have been.
Thanks for the opportunity to get more knowledge, we’ll meet in the next advanced course but before that in the markets.

R. - Jul 2020

the positive points of the course:

- psychoff is very reactive and does not hesitate to take time to answer even a question which may seem silly.

  if necessary he explains in private without problem. 

- for this kind of knowledge I find that the price is low, it is a real investment. finding a comparable offer on the internet is impossible.

negative point:

There is a guideline in the course but we leave this line quite often and sometimes we talk about something completely different before coming back to a very distant subject, sometimes it is difficult to follow and remember when the subject is too away from the base.

Pseudo L-K-A - Jul 2020

I attended the second advanced course. I thoroughly enjoyed it and, although it may seem a little expensive on the face of it, there is great value to be had. I've attended a lot of courses over the years.  Most just offer useless hindsight analysis of cherry-picked pre-recorded trades.  Ersen traded a live account throughout the whole course. He was often trading two games, explaining his moves and fielding student questions all at the same time ... and all in a language that's foreign to him. Proper multi-tasking that is!
Ersen is a fine trader (and a helluva nice fella) who knows his markets and his edges very well. If you are looking to develop a 
fast trading style then this course will provide you with plenty of trade ideas at the business end of a game. 

Paul S. - Jul 2020

I have just completed Psychoff's Advanced Course in trading. I did the Beginner's Course last year. I found it to be eye - opening and very educational. Scalping is his core strategy but there are four or five other strategies that return consistent profits. Since the course finished he has stayed in touch with the group to see how we're getting on and to offer advice and encouragement. It's a course delivered by a master of his game in his own humble, understated way. I would highly recommend both courses to any aspiring traders. If you follow Ersen's teachings on trading and self-discipline you will succeed.

M.M. - Jul 2020

After completing the basic course and seeing instant improvement with my trading results I made the desicion to enroll in the advance course. I was slightly unsure how much more I could gain from this course but I am certainly pleased with the knowledge and information shared over the 5 days. The course was well structured and organised with invaluable hours of watching Ersen trade live while answering questions and explaining his thought process while trading. The strategies learned in the course are by no means a holy grail for trading but the insight into the mind of a professional trader, the knowledge, ideas and principles shared by Ersen means I now have a great foundation to build upon and enables me to think in a certain way when trading which will help me develop my own ideas and strategies over time. Overall definitley worth doing both courses and I would highly recommend Ersen.

S.A.H - Jul 2020

​If you are serious about trading and want to have the chance of beating the markets long term then this course should definitely be part of your education. Ersen plans the sessions to maximise the amount of trading within each session and then fills the rest of time with detailed explanations of trades he has carried out, the strategies he uses, the psychology side of trading and also any other questions you may have. On top of this he offers to continue his support after the session and is a great and genuine guy to be friends with within the trading community. Hats off to Ersen he goes above and beyond and I look forward to continuing my trading career whilst knowing he will be there to support me if required. Great work Ersen keep making profits and ignoring the haters!

Sam L. - Jul 2020

I was new to trading but had been following Psychoff and reading interviews for some time, when the opportunity to learn from him came up I was determined to get a place but unsure what to expect. I attended the basic and advanced courses and they were brilliant. Ersen is a great guy, he’s very friendly and happy to answer all questions. He spoke about his strategies and thought processes which was all very useful. The best part was being able to watch his screen for a large amount of time he spent live trading. Thanks Ersen!

Blair Shearer - Aug 2020

Having completed the Basic and Advanced courses, I felt that they showed how to make profit consistently. It was interesting to see how it was done live, and how the value is gauged in regards to entry and exit points. The tutor is clearly a very very high level trader, which was demonstrated throughout the course in live situations. As far as betfair courses go then this won't be for everyone naturally, but the tutor made profit throughout and at the end of the day that is what it is about. If you are very serious about your trading then this would be a good option for you.

R.B. - August 2020

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