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Psychoff's Football Trading Course 2022


  • The most comprehensive course ever

  • 40 hours of online live football trading course (15 days in total)

  • At least 20 World Cup matches will be traded live in-play during the sessions

  • Unlimited Private Telegram group membership

This course has been built for both beginners and others who have some football trading experience. Although learning the basic concepts seems simple, it is vital in becoming a successful trader. One of the things I've learned over the years is to have a routine while trading and never deviate from it. You will also be able to see this routine I have developed in detail during the Psychoff's Football Trading Course.

What is different about this course is the ability of the participants to watch me during live trades. They will be able to see my trades in the markets and ask about what I am doing at the same time. I think this is the best and most effective way to learn. The ability to ask and chat is even more important. It will be just like a resident physician watching the senior surgeon, with the ability to ask why a particular procedure is being done.


I have been trading in the football markets for over 17 years and I have seen that market dynamics are constantly changing. There is no single strategy that wins every trade and it is necessary to use different strategies for different trades. Having a sound psychological buildup is also extremely important. Many of the traders I have talked to have said the main obstacle to their success is psychological factors. You will be able to learn the methods that I have used to cope with potential losses and long-term stress as a psychiatry specialist and as an experienced trader.


At the end of this course, the participant should be able to understand basic exchange logic and concepts and put them to use and also use the Geeks Toy software and perform basic and advanced trading in the exchange markets. Those who complete this course would also be expected to effectively analyze the odds provided in football markets and determine those with value, decide on the correct strategy and perform trades effectively, and develop the psychological character to keep their impulses and behaviours under control.


After the course, you will be added to my exclusive Telegram group where you can meet up with all Trading Course pupils. In this group, we are sharing lots of useful knowledge during the live  events as well as my goal alerts. 


          Course Fee: £ 4999

Please contact for booking and payment options


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