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Who is Psychoff ?

Ersen Guven, known as Psychoff in the football trade market, is a medical doctor and psychiatrist. He has been trading in the football markets using the various techniques he has developed for the last 17 years. He has presented his experiences and results in the blog he published until 2010 that was read by thousands every day. The 100K challenge he started at that time was completed in less than 5 months and provided inspiration to many new traders with the daily progress reports. He has continued to publish his thought on Twitter in recent years and has over 16 thousand followers. His consistency and the 7-figure profits made has made him one of the greatest football traders ever. Besides personal trading, he has also become interested in automatic trade systems using artificial intelligence and machine learning in recent years. He has started providing online courses to share his 15 years of knowledge and experience in 2020.

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General Information

There are various resources for someone interested in trading who wants to increase their knowledge on the subject. It is possible to access relevant books, articles and many youtube videos on the subject. There are also a few courses provided by trainers. Almost all of these have content that has been previously prepared and are not geared towards practical application. Very few people are able to put the theoretical information obtained from these courses into practice.

I have been trading in the football markets for a long time and have presented my results from time to time. I am most frequently asked what strategies I use and how I get such results. People want to see and learn how I do what I do. I also believe one of the best methods to learn is to watch and talk to an instructor with proven success during live trading.

I have taken your requests and feedback into account when preparing the content of this training. Almost everyone wants to see what kind of trades I do during a live match and to be able to ask questions accordingly. I have also been frequently asked about what technical equipment and infrastructure I use, how I choose matches and markets, what software and web sites I use and trading psychology.

The courses will be presented over the Zoom software with a live online video connection and the participants will be able to see the desktop and all trades of the instructor and chat in real time. Prerecorded video/content will not be used in any of the courses and all training will be provided during live matches. The trading software to be used is Bet AngelGeeks Toy. The participants will need to have an Internet connection that is capable of viewing remote computers.


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